Free yourself from pain and discomfort, without the need for surgery

Stem Cell Science

Our new generation of regenerative therapies can help patients avoid surgery, and permanently treat their underlying medical condition.

Orthopaedics & Sports Injuries

Array Ankle

Achilles tendon injuries, Morton’s neuroma, chronic partial tendon tear, chronic ligament strains, plantar fasciitis and osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

Array Knee

Including osteoarthritis, sports injuries, ACL tears, complications from previous surgery, overuse conditions

Array Hip

Including common hip injuries, arthritis, osteonecrosis and degenerative conditions affecting the hip joint

Array Wrist

Scapholunate instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon injuries, arthritis and triangular fibrocartilage complex

Array Spine

Chronic back and neck pain, disc degeneration, cervical spondylosis and ankylosing spondylitis

Array Elbow

Soft tissue injuries, ‘tennis elbow’ (lateral epicondylitis) and ‘golfer’s elbow’

Array Shoulder

Shoulder or rotator cuff tears or injuries, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, labrum tears, sports injuries and bursitis

Aesthetics & Skin Regeneration

Stem Cell Clinics offer a range of treatments

Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Rejuvenation

Our clinics use the latest regenerative procedures to mitigate the impact that ageing and environmental factors have on our skin. The use of stem cell and PRP therapies can help restore volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and freshen the appearance of our patients' faces.

Skin Rejuvenation
Wounds & Scar Modification
Wounds & Scar Modification

Our stem cell and PRP procedures restore natural, youthful beauty to your face and neckline. The impact starts to become apparent immediately, and continues to improve over the months following treatment, with long-lasting results. At no time do we use any surgery or scalpels.

Wound Healing and Scar Modification
Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment

Our Stem Cell Clinics use stem cell treatments for hair growth i.e. to encourage new hair growth in thinning and bald areas. This is a pioneering and effective method of hair restoration, and is a minimally invasive restoration treatment which has yielded fantastic results in our patients.

Hair Loss Treatment

We offer various Aesthetic and Skin Regeneration treatments

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Stem Cell Treatments - The Science

How do stem cell treatments work?

Stem Cell Treatments - The Science

Stem cells, both the embryonic form and adult stem cells, are increasingly acknowledged as providing one of nature’s best tools in the fight against many types of conditions. These stem cells are able to renew themselves, divide, and then grow into various new cell and tissue types including cartilage and bone. They exist in various tissues in each of us, and are ready to repair any damage in the body, but they deplete with age, and can have difficulty in repairing more significant injuries as not enough of the stem cells can reach the affected site.

Our Stem Cell therapies extract cells from a particular area in high volume, and then process these to concentrate them further. During the same overall procedure, we inject the concentrated stem cells into the patient’s damaged area, to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. This therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and are particularly suited to sporting and other injuries, as well as arthritis.

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