Regenerative Spine Treatments

Our patients often come to us suffering from acute or chronic neck or back pain, which traditional treatments have not been able to relieve. Our innovative, regenerative procedures aim to target the underlying cause of this pain, therefore avoiding the need for any invasive surgery or prolonged disability and long term use of medication.

In each case, the use of stem cell therapy, often in combination with other regenerative treatments such as PRP and prolotherapy for maximum impact, stimulates the patient’s body to create new cells which will adapt to repair the damaged tissues and cells present.

In the case of stem cell therapy and PRP therapy, we would look to harvest stem cells and platelets respectively from the patient and during the same procedure, prepare and inject these into the area of damaged tissue.

Prolotherapy does not require a harvesting procedure, but also involves injections being administered to the affected site. The procedure is all undertaken in one visit in the comfort of one of our clinics or theatre environments as appropriate.

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