Knee Conditions and Treatments

Our regenerative treatments are perfectly suited to treating a wide variety of knee conditions including osteoarthritis, sports injuries, ACL tears, complications from previous surgery, overuse conditions and others. Both knee stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy, or a combination of the two can be administered with the aim of avoiding surgery for these kinds of conditions. We also have several other treatment options as well as advance scanning equipment which can be employed to fully understand and treat a patient’s underlying condition. You will receive an expert consultation and any diagnostics such as Ultrasound or MRI scanning as appropriate before a final treatment plan is made.

Previously, arthroscopic knee surgery to stabilise symptoms or a complete knee replacement would have been viewed as the only real option for many knee patients. Both  come at the cost of significant periods of post-operative discomfort or disability and the real possibility of recurrent or ongoing symptoms. Steroid injections are also commonly used to try and manage knee joint and soft tissue conditions, but they are viewed poorly over the long term as steroids actually damage local tissues over time, and will only ever manage the pain associated with a condition rather than treating or improving the underlying cause.

With regenerative treatments this is different; the injected stem cells work to heal the damaged tissues, so improving or even curing the underlying cause and allowing many patients to enjoy pain-free mobility once more. PRP treatments similarly stimulate the body’s own natural healing process, so encouraging the growth of new healing cells. This kind of therapy involves very little if any downtime or discomfort, and eliminates the need for lengthy recovery or associated complications of surgical treatment.

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