About Us

At the Stem Cell Clinic, we use the very latest in proven, medical technologies with the aim of helping our patients gain long-term relief from chronic conditions, without the use of complex and invasive surgery. The clinic specialises in the use of Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Prolotherapy, as well as other regenerative and innovative techniques, to treat a wide variety of conditions. These include back, neck and knee pain, painful and/or damaged joints, tendons and ligaments, problems arising from arthritis and many other long-term conditions and injuries. Our procedures really can tackle the underlying causes of pain, and are able to reverse their effects for good.

We currently operate clinics in Birmingham and the county town of Stafford, in modern and comfortable surroundings and under the supervision of our expertly trained staff.


Why the Stem Cell Science Clinic?

The philosophy of our clinical team is important as they have been involved with treating patients with chronic pain for many years. We have come to realise that most of the invasive surgical procedures we have delivered over the many years of surgical practice are a ‘holding’ method aimed at either trying to keep people in status quo by providing temporary pain relief or in fact can contribute to the longer term deterioration that is the natural history of the underlying problem. We now have the potential to stop the underlying problem in its tracks and sometimes can even manage to turn the clock back on a condition with the pioneering regenerative treatments we have available.

Our professional team at the Stem Cell Clinic have wide industry and research experience in the field of regenerative medicine and we have combined this with a forward thinking approach to delivering a ‘flexible-care model’ for our clients. Our Consultant clinicians always advise with integrity, suggesting only genuine solutions and realistic goals.

All treatments are carried out by fully trained and qualified Surgeons or Physicians, using the highest quality products and technologies available. Under the supervision of our Clinical Director, Mr Ansar Mahmood a widely experienced Consultant Surgeon, our team aims to deliver the highest levels of care for patients and an experience that cannot be readily recreated anywhere else.