Regenerative Hip Treatments

The treatment for degenerative hip complaints has traditionally been long term use of painkillers, steroid injections or major surgery, including hip replacement surgery. Our new generation of regenerative therapies can help a patient to avoid surgery, and actually treat the underlying medical condition they are suffering. Non-surgical stem cell therapies are suited to most common hip sports injuries, arthritis and degenerative conditions affecting the hip joint or surrounding area.

Stem cell treatment and blood platelet procedures may both be suitable alternatives to surgery as a way to resolve hip pain. The procedures involve an extraction and injection treatment combined, which aims to increase the patient’s concentration of stem cells and/or growth factors in the affected area, so encouraging the patient’s body to heal naturally. The half-day procedure would normally see the patient walk out later the same day, with most experiencing little if any downtime or significant discomfort from the procedure. The natural healing process then begins as the injected cells get to work; we would normally expect a noticeable reduction in pain and discomfort after approximately three to four weeks, with the effects continuing to build over the next few weeks and months. The aim would always be for our patients to eventually return to full mobility and no discomfort, as the underlying condition is improved or even resolved.

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