Consultations with ultrasound of the face and subsequent treatment plan for patients not originally treated at AestheticA Clinics starts from £250 for 30 mins and £450 for up to an hour. Consent is taken in advance for photographs to be kept and our standard practice is to use high-definition ultrasound to target our treatments.

US-guided precision-targeted treatments for complications are available as per the table below:



Treatment Treatment Time Cost
Consultation with Ultrasound & Plan 30 mins
60 mins
Filler Reversal with Hyaluronidase using Ultrasound needle targeting Up to:
30 mins
60 mins
90 mins
Malar Oedema being treated by retaining ligament subcision (minimally invasive cut) under local anaesthetic Single side of face
Up to 60 mins
Emergent Vascular occlusion management Up to 2 hours included From